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Accomplishments for Clients:

  • Helped design and popularize the personal and shared responsibility elements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA)
  • Advised state and local governments, as well as trade associations, insurers, and brokers, on how to adapt to the ACA
  • Gave technical assistance to policymakers in several states who set up individual and small business insurance marketplaces (“exchanges”)
  • Conducted primary research for a California ballot initiative (Prop. 56, 2016) that raised taxes on cigarettes to deter youth smoking and fund low-income health care
  • Advised candidates for state and federal office on their health reform and health policy platforms
  • Assembled and managed high-level national task forces of health care leaders whose recommendations were instrumental to adding a prescription drug benefit to Medicare and linking public and acute health systems during a bioterrorist attack and similar emergencies
  • Advised investors on opportunities in Chinese health care and on profitable ways to export U.S. health care technology and services


For Candidates:

  • Help those running for office define their position on health reform and health care spending, and assist them in developing media (written and visual, pamphlets, briefs, radio and TV spots) that reflect these positions;
  • Discuss how to balance health care as a source of good jobs with the value of providing affordable coverage that may streamline the health workforce;
  • In collaboration with other businesses, run a full-scale policy-focused campaign;
  • Improve the candidate’s public speaking ability, especially for the discussion  of policy issues. (Former coach of the Yale University Debate Team and Canadian high school public speaking and team debate champion)

For Business, Government, or Not-For-Profits

  • Conduct research on health care costs, or other medical topics, related to a particular company, sector, or goal;
  • Suggest and map out in specific detail ways that companies can reduce their own costs—including through self-insurance or bypassing the insurance function-- or ways that payers can contain costs more generally;
  • Act as a trusted go-between, if needed, to facilitate negotiations and conversations between payers and organizational leadership.
  • Deliver keynote-type addresses to annual meetings or similar gatherings. I have substantial experience giving such presentations to all sides of the industry, from meetings of national and state medical associations, specialty groups, business coalitions, trade associations, and others.